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Monday, August 4, 2008

Adventures in Babysitting Day 3--Powerless in Amish Country!  

I have to admit to not knowing very much about the Amish! I love them as human beings. I love them because this beautiful Pennsylvania farmland countryside is associated with them. I love them for the colors they weave into the fabric of this part of the United States--their horses and buggies, their roadside fruit/flower/veggie stands, their attire, their hard work ethic, their devout ways, etc. But... I wonder how far their influence extends? I am referring to their practice of not using electricity (power) in the home.

I have noticed since I have been here that the GPS system has lost power at least five times. My cell phone has lost service on at least two occasions that I can think of. And, while the toilets didn't break down due to a power loss--and probably not the GPS system or phone for that matter--I can't help but thinking that it is all related. My point? I feel "power"less in Pennsylvania. And my question: Is it a coincedence I happen to be in Amish Country?

As for the kids... the points system is still working its magic. Movie Night is also a positive thing. I am even letting them stay up late tonight to finish "Robots." They are so quiet and are all getting along. I'd be stupid to break the good vibe! Good thing the TV works :) What is more important? Reaching my final destination or having the kids be happy? Perhaps "power" is all a matter of perspective!

What next?

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