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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wordful Wednesday—The Great Pumpkin!  

On with the Halloween-themed posts. I've already covered bats and vampires, both topics being a bit on the scary side (unless you are an Edward lover). So... I thought today's post could be about something more friendly—like pumpkins. So, enjoy a little orangey goodness from these pics!

Our garden produced 36 pumpkins this year. Remember, this is the garden we didn't plant, water, weed, or attend to whatsoever. So... the garden gets all the credit for these babies while we simply get to enjoy them in their many varieties of size, shape, and color!

Gardner Historic Village not only had a plethora of witches milling about. It also provided plenty o' pumpkins to snap pics in front of. Of course, my favorite variety were the pumpkin-shaped sugar cookies. But, didn't get a picture of those. I couldn't wait to eat 'em! Yummmmmmy!

And, here is Red Rover and Chatter Box, done with their sugar cookies and beyond tired of all the picture taking—beautiful pumpkins or not.

Happy Halloween!

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