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Thursday, November 20, 2008

I Am Thankful for... My Head!  

I know... weird title! But, right after GNO on Tuesday, I was sitting in front of my computer and the ceiling light came crashing down. As in... the entire fixture came right out of the ceiling. Glass shattered everywhere. The fixture was heavy. It could have caused some serious damage if it had landed on anyone. And, to think I was 1 INCH from where it fell. Nope, not even exaggerating. Felt the wind and everything :). Here are the pics to prove it!

Anyway, this near-death experience (OK, that WAS an exaggeration) got me thinking... My head has been through a lot! It has:

  • Nearly been hit by a light fixture that escaped from its home in the ceiling.
  • Had 42 staples and a huge horseshoe-shaped scar (fortunately hidden under my hair).
  • Three screws in its jaw and a plate in its chin (fortunately hidden inside my mouth).
  • Had a fractured skull.
  • Experienced memory loss. What was I just saying? LOL!
  • Had the typical stitches in its chin that every child gets.
  • Had braces and retainers and the dreadful headgear. One reason to hate the 80s!
  • Had its jaw wired shut.
  • Had an epidural hematoma on its brain.
  • Lots of fillings and crowns and now, six wonderful veneers after a scary fall and broken teeth.
  • Epilepsy! (Not that it explains all of the above-listed points, but I knew you were going to ask for explanations!)
So, today's post is a simple bit of gratitude for having a head that has made it through the tough times—that has memory, function, and in spite of two pills a day for life and bad hair days, running make up, or anything else I may consider ugly, still is my head with my eyes, my freckles, my thin, but beautifully colored hair (thanks Meli).

In a very sincere, overwhelming, and humble way, I am thankful that the light is still on, if you know what I mean. Or, in other words, I am thankful for... my head!

What next?

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