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Friday, February 8, 2008

2007-08 Highlights  

The past year has been very eventful with a major move, changes in employment, lost body parts, good health and not-so-good health. Here are the highlights:

1. February 2008--We rented out our Draper house. Hallelujah! Troy road tripped it all the way to Kansas to sell all of his flood and water damage restoration equipment, marking an end to that part of his life and business.
2. January 2008--Connor started a new pre-school in Orem, learned all about "cavity monsters," and started brushing his teeth in earnest. Chase celebrated his 7th birthday by partying in Provo with all his new friends here. Troy officially started his job search.
3. December 2007--We moved from Draper to Provo, Utah and assumed the title of "House Sitters." We decided to sell the business. Troy's parents left on an LDS mission to the Ukraine.
4. November 2007--Chase lost his first tooth!
5. October 2007--Jyl enjoyed her friend's wedding in NYC and unseasonably warm 70-degree weather. She also loved seeing the play "Wicked."
6. September 2007--We enjoyed good health, good weather, and great friends!
7. August 2007--Chase started 1st grade and Connor started pre-school.
8. July 2007--Around this time, Connor officially gave up the name "Connor" for "Leo." He now has amazing turtle power. Go ninjas! Jyl's term as PTO president and board member ended.
9. June 2007--Jyl left FranklinCovey after 9 years to be a full-time MOM just in time for summer vacation! At the same time, she helped put on Channing Hall's second annual carnival. Connor turned 4 and had lots of slip sliding fun on our backyard hills at his, what?, third-annual Thomas birthday party.
10. May 2007--Jyl announced her resignation from FranklinCovey and gave a month's notice. It was one of the best decisions she has ever made!
11. April 2007--Jyl was miserable at work.
12. March 2007--Jyl went back to work after 3 months of short-term disability.
13. February 2007--Jyl wrote 100 pages in her journal while recovering from surgery.
14. January 2007--Jyl spent a week in the hospital, causing her to lose one of her fallopion tubes and lots of blood in an emergency surgery. Cause: tubal pregnancy. She was laid up in bed for many weeks, ate lots of great food, and the whole family was the recipient of amazing service from the neighborhood and school communities. After a month of failed attempts to resolve the problem through medication, Jyl was glad to finally be on the road to recovery--even if it meant 24 staples and horrible tape that they should never be allowed to put on anyone!

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