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Friday, February 8, 2008

We've Arrived in Happy Valley!--Written January 21, 2008  

We moved to Provo over the holidays. All I can say is "big closet!". The house is amazing--with a cupboard for everything and a partially finished basement that is perfect for the kids. Other than feeling like I need to use a microphone to be heard between rooms (and that is saying a lot, considering how loud I can talk), we are thrilled to have more than doubled the size of our living quarters. Now, if we could get someone to invest a few quarters in our Draper house, that would really accomplish the purpose here!

As far as what is new... Well, friends! We live in a terrific area and have already met lots of nice people. Another new thing is driving Chase to school everyday sans the carpool! Not necessarily my definition of convenient, but I can't complain. Afterall, we have a huge closet :)! Did I say HUGE??? I never thought I cared. I thought the jetted tub would win my vote, but closet it is!

Other new things... Chase's 7th birthday. We put a party together for him at the last minute, invited 5 boys from the neighborhood, and Troy took on the assignment of being in charge of the festitivites. Imagine this... 9 air blowers--you know, the kind to dry out floods! All 9 air blowers--with streamers attached no less--were strategically stacked and placed at one end of the downstairs family room. Not far away were tons of balloons. Next, a line of 6/7-year olds waiting for the big event. And behind them, random things to try and detain the balloons should the kids fail in their pursuit to catch them amid the anything but gentle breeze. Troy coined it, "The Wall of Wind." The kids were dying in anticipation. Then, he turned them on. Hair and clothes flew back, plastering to heads and bodies. Balloons let loose. Boys ran frantic, trying in earnest to catch them. Boys cried--did I mention they were 6/7-year olds?--at their inability to defy the forces of nature. They wiped away the tears and tried again. We are still wondering what the answer was to the surely asked question: "What did you do at the birthday party, Johnny?"

What next?

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