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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Turtle Power!  

Sometime in the summer of 2007, Connor determined he was no longer a boy. Green power flowed through his veins--or shell, or whatever turtles have--and he was transformed into a Ninja Turtle. Not only that, but his entire family--dog included--are now all powerful and committed in the fight against Shredder.

Troy is worried that Leo--our son formerly known as Connor--has taken his new identity one step too far. One day when I was putting on makeup, Leo asked me if he could put some on too. I told him boys don't normally wear makeup to which he replied: "Well, you are Donny (Donatello the Ninja Turtle) and you are a boy and you wear makeup, so why can't I?" How do you refuse that? But now, he has taken it to a new extreme. When we ask him to put on his pajamas and get ready for bed, his immediate reply is: "Ninja Turtles don't wear pajamas." Apparently, they don't have hair that needs cutting or rooms that need cleaning or a lot of other things that normal boys wouldn't really find fun.

Chase--who now goes by Raph (Raphael)--corrects us when we slip up and call Leo Connor. And, now that we have moved to Provo, people look at me weird if I say anything about Connor. I actually had a neighbor who replied by asking, "Do you mean Leo?" I cracked up:).

Soooo... if you have any adversary in your life, please feel free to come to the source that will be your true protection--the Provo Ninja Turtles, formerly known as the Pattee Family!

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