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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Extreme Makeover... Mommy Style  

This next story is proof of the positive influence one mommy can make in this world.

I was driving home this afternoon and decided to stop by my sister-in-law's sister's house. She is going through a divorce and recently moved a half a mile away from me. I stopped at her house, located in a cul-de-sac full of cars. A beehive of activity goes on around me as I walked up the walk. People were everywhere. Men outside with saws. Women inside with paint brushes. "Becky?" I call out. "Down here," the reply.

I go downstairs to see am emotionally overwhelmed and amazingly happy Becky with swarms of people around her, working madly to beautify her new/old home. Pale pink for her little girl's room. Mustard yellow for her boy's sanctuary--with Wain's Coating no less. Then, she fills me in on the best part. It was all a surprise. Her colleagues from the middle school where she works--led by Tonya the math teacher--organized this endeavor at a staff meeting.

Every employee donated in one way or the other. Nearly 15 people showed up today to help with the makeover. One woman donated a Home Depot gift card. People went in on groceries and filled her refrigerator and freezor with food. Others donated gently used furniture and other much needed items. They unpacked boxes, did laundry, and identified other needs, like curtains, and assigned people to take on those tasks.

This outreach of love and service caused me to reflect on the many outpourings of love I have received in my life. I am glad to KNOW that the world wide web extends far beyond the internet and makes up a vast network of individuals that make such a difference as this in every day life... All because one person has a need and one person--in this case, a mommy--takes time out of her life to organize an effort to meet that need. Makes making a difference not seem so overwhelming.

What next?

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