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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Funny Things Kids Say!  

This summer, we went to an art exhibit at the local university. As we were leaving, my kids veered away from us, tempted by the beckoning elevator down the hall. I thought Leo the Ninja Turtle himself had appeared on the scene the way those two were screaming and jumping in excitement, their mouths watering in anticipation. I was in no mood to ride on a slow elevator, so I parked it on a nearby bench while daddy did some male bonding with the boys.

"I want to push the button," anxious 4-year-old yells out upon entering the silver box car.

"OK," daddy replies, "just push the top floor."

"What number goes to the top floor, dad?" son asks, searching the number next to each button.

"It's the highest number, son," dad explains.

"Dad?" questions the son, scratching his head with eyes squinted in an all-out search. "Where is it? I don't see google plex on here!"

What next?

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