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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Day of School III: Sick Policy  

I am sooooo unclear on our school's sick policy--as in: When is it OK to take your kids to school and when should you keep them home? Raging fevers, green snoggies, runny stuff coming out of their little booty bums. These are all no brainers. But what about a kid that has red eyes. I mean, he does have allergies. Or, maybe he's just a bit devilish that day. Where's the harm in that? But, it could also be a cold. So, the analysis begins. To take him or to keep him? And the internal debate goes like this:

Self to Self: Is he too sick to go to school?
Self Back to Self: I don't know. His eyes are red and he is sniffling.
Self to Self: But this is the FIRST DAY of his entire school career. He can't miss his first day. The bonding. His first little snack time. Eating school lunch before discovering that it is disgusting. Learning the rules when it is still cool to obey the teacher. All of it. His whole school experience will be tainted if he misses these precious 6 hours.
Self Back to Self: Screw it! They'll call me if he's NOT following whatever-the-crap sick policy they have.


Self to the Wind: Wait! Don't they have a Family Guidebook that I just supposedly read and then signed? Doesn't that spell out the sick policy? Oopsies!
Self Justifying to Wind: Oh! Well! They didn't let me take him into the classroom to have my one chance of a photo op with him. They get what they get!!! Hope they don't throw a fit!

What next?

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