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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I Am the Next Stephenie Meyer  

Ever since she published the Twilight Series, my family has been saying that I am going to be the next Stephenie Meyer. To see if they are right—cuz who doesn't want a little dough, I made a list of the similarities between me and Steph (do you think she'd mind if I called her Steph?). The list got a little long. Apparently, we are a lot alike ;)! Have a look and decide if you think I will be the next Stephenie Meyer.

  1. Stephenie grew up in Arizona and I grew up in Arizona. Check!
  2. She attended college at Brigham Young University and so did I. Check!
  3. She majored in English. So did I. Well, these are the easy ones. Lots of people fit these criteria.
  4. She graduated college and got married within a year of each other. Me too! And, in the 90s as well. Hmmmm…
  5. She is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (also known as the Mormons). Oh! My! Gosh! So am I.
  6. She was born in Connecticut. I went on business and spent one Thanksgiving in Connecticut. I am starting to see the similarities now.
  7. She has all boys and so do I. See! We are like that (insert image of me crossing my fingers).
  8. She writes about fantasy and romance. Again… the likeness is eerie! I have fantasies about romance. I can't even believe this.
  9. I heard that the story about Twilight came to her in a dream. Yep! You guessed it. Alike again. I dream too, and sometimes even at twilight. This is getting crazy. Maybe my family is right.
  10. The main character in the Twilight Series is Bella. Wow! Who knew? One of my favorite foods is Portobello mushrooms, which in Italian is the male version of Bella if I translated it correctly. I don't speak Italian so I could be wrong. And, now that I think about it, neither does Steph, right? A similarity within a similarity—weird, or not if you know what I mean!
  11. Another character in the series—this one a Native American—is a werewolf—or turns into one anyway. And wouldn't you know it, I have a nephew named Jacob, we had a Native American foster sister, T-Daddy has hair on his chest and back like a werewolf, and he used to go skiing at Wolf Mountain. Now, this is seriously getting spooky!
  12. Back to Bella… you know how she moved from Arizona to Forks? Well, I moved from Arizona to Argentina, where they use forks. I'm telling you, there may be no denying this.
  13. Meyer writes young adult literature. If you think about it, I am pretty young for an adult. I mean 38 isn't relatively close to say, 90!
  14. Stephenie's fans write their own stories about Bella and her pals and post them on the internet. I have my own kind of fans that write their own stuff about my stories too. Thanks peeps for all of your comments!
  15. Steph published this year and so did I. Check out my recent article at Divine Caroline.

My question on this one—because I am really not sure—is: Do her fans reduce cellulite by commenting writing, because I may be drastically different in this one small arena, but we'll let it go.

Now, I would hate to compare things like our income or the number of times we've been published or made it on a top-ten list. Whatevs, right! Some topics of conversation just aren't appropriate in public, you know. But… honestly, maybe my family has a point. Maybe I am the next Stephenie Meyer! What do you think?

What next?

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