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Friday, September 19, 2008

Lost in Translation  

T-Daddy and Red Rover enjoy great father/son bonding time while making the daily morning commute to school. Only once in a blue moon am I privy to the secrets and stories they share. Today was that day and since it is such a rare occasion, I thought I'd spread the news. This is mommygossip after all, right? And this gossiping gal is true to her name! Here's the scoop…

T-Daddy (speaking to Red Rover): I'm so proud of you for playing with Bright Eyes yesterday, R2. His dad has been really sick and has been in the hospital a lot lately.

Red Rover: Why is his dad sick?

T-Daddy: Well, he had a problem with his body. The doctors had to cut him, so they could get inside and fix the problem.

Red Rover (with an incredulous look): Inside his body???? How did they even fit, dad?

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