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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

WW—You're Driving Me Batty!  

One of my favorite trips ever was to Thailand. T-Daddy and I went out on the China Sea about 3 hours from the shore of Phuket on a sea canoeing excursion. Two people and a guide went in each inflatable canoe. Timed just right for low tide, we left the boat, got into our canoes, and headed into a cave.

The entrance was barely visible the water was so near the cave's top. To make it through such a tight squeeze, the guide had to let some air out of the canoe and we had to lay flat to avoid scraping the skin off of our noses on the rocks. It was amazingly frightening. Once inside, the cave opened up into a great expanse, but we stayed flat on our backs so we could look up on the ceiling to see the cave's inhabitants—bats! We also had to keep our mouths shut in case they should poop and it should hit the... well, not the fan, if you know what I mean! And, the only way we could see the sleepy little guys was by shining a large flashlight in their direction.

While the Thailand's landscape, food, massages, sites, and elephant ride are all worth mentioning, nothing was more unique or unforgettable than this experience—seeing snoozing little bats.

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