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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wordful Wednesday—Brotherly and Sisterly Love of the Sweetest Variety!  

The only pre-nup T-Daddy made me agree to was getting a dog. This was no small feat for me since I am deathly afraid of kanines in all shapes and sizes. Our first son: a tame but stout, yellow Labrador Retriever named Trooper.

A year and a half later, our first daughter arrived and we gave Trooper the best Christmas gift ever—his half-sister, Parley Noelle. These pups showed us that blood truly is thicker than water, especially every night as Trooper licked Parley's ears to "rock her to sleep" so to speak. It was the sweetest thing! Brotherly and sisterly doggie love :).

So, when Trooper suddenly died last summer, it was painful to watch our grieving Parley learn to enjoy life again without her brother. Things that had her wagging her tail before suddenly meant nothing to her. And then one day, our brother Justin came into town and threw a ball to her. I don't know if it was that he hadn't been around or that she suddenly remembered life could be good, but she jumped up, played fetch for hours, and has been her same positive self since.

This experience made me realize that dogs form relationships, have feelings, and grieve. Not that I have gotten over my fear of other people's dogs, but I am grateful for our dogs and the experience of having them in our family!

What next?

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