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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I Am Thankful for... The World!  

I was 12 when I went overseas for the first time. Our family friends lived in Costa Rica and my parents gave me the adventure of a lifetime, sending me all by myself tostay with them for 6 1/2 weeks during my summer vacation. That trip opened my eyes to the wonders of the world and the amazing people that live in it.

(A woman walking with her son in Guatemala.)

Since then, I have traveled to many different places—32 countries and 42 US States to be precise. I have celebrated other cultures and learned about many unique and amazing traditions. I am grateful for the various threads that weave the great, beautiful, rich, and diverse tapestry of our world.

(Dia de Los Muertos [Day of the Dead] in Guatemala.)

I am grateful for all of the colorful customs and countrysides. I am especially appreciative to have explored far past my little corner of the world—from Asia to Argentina to England.

(On the Black Sea in Ukraine.)

But, even more than that, I am grateful for parents that taught me to look for the similarities in people, to love our differences, and to appreciate everything I have discovered in my journeys.

(People at the fish market in Ukraine.)

Right now, my parents are living in Guatemala, where my dad has taken a job. My parents in law are living in Ukraine, where they are serving a church service mission. We appreciate them sharing their cultural experiences with us each week. You are keeping our eyes opened!

(Kite flying festival in Guatemala.)

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