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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Photo Story Friday—All About Moi!  

I am very excited, because not only was I tagged by Hannah from That Girl and Tena from Punkey's Monkey, but I just found out that Kellan is featuring me over on her site On the Flip Side. Between this info here and that info there, you will know more about me than you ever dreamed of wanted to! Enjoy!

Red Rover swinging is the sixth pic in my photo album. Not one to really keep the rules, I am adding a fun one of Chatter Box as well. My baby sis Brooke at CrazyinCollege, took and Photoshopped these. She rocks!


  1. I had tons of freckles when I was little and hated them. My mom took me to the zoo and showed me the giraffes. I fell in love with them. She pointed out that they had freckles too. Since then, I have loved not only giraffes, but freckles.
  2. T-Daddy and I are in a fun competition to see who can visit all 50 U.S. states first. I am at 43 states and ahead of him by 2.
  3. I have had 24 staples in my stomach and 42 staples in my head. Does anyone wonder why I HATE even numbers???
  4. I have 4 screws in my jaw. Nope! I don't set off security alarms. Just look like FrankenJyl in an X-Ray.
  5. I love to chop. I returned a very expensive Cuisinart veggie chopper (or whatever they are called) I got for my wedding, because I knew I'd never use it.
  6. One of my favorite experiences ever was sea canoeing through a bat cave in Thailand.
  7. My favorite part of being a foreign exchange student in Argentina was meeting my very best friend Heather. Our relationship has lasted more than 20 years and is one of my greatest blessings :).
This is supposed to be 4 things I did today, but since I hate even numbers and don't follow rules, I changed it to 5!

  1. Waited at home while my T-Daddy took Red Rover to the ER. Dehydration and major stomach virus! YUCK!
  2. Spent an hour on the phone with AT&T/Apple to resolve my iPhone's dropped call issues and why "Brandon Clark" instead of my name appears on people's caller IDs when I call.
  3. Made Chatter Box a Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwich for lunch.
  4. Vacuumed the whole upstairs. THANKS ROOMBA!!!
  5. Helped Red Rover with his piano theory homework.

  1. Take my kids to Gardner Historic Village to see the cool witches and to get a pumpkin-shaped sugar cookie.
  2. Do a load of whites.
  3. Deposit two checks.
  4. Pay the doctor's bill.
  5. Watch House with T-Daddy (favorite way to end the day).

Note that these only make me feel guilty, because I have to spend our hard-earned money to do them, when I could be, say, paying off the car loan or whatever.

  1. Getting a pedicure.
  2. Getting a massage.
  3. Eating out.
  4. Traveling and buying books!
  5. Talking on the phone with friends forever!!! And lately, meeting lots of other mommy bloggers and chatting with them real time at Twitter Girl's Night Out on Tuesday nights.

PhotoStory Friday
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